Our values

                                    Values of Organization:

         Respect and compassionAll members treat each other with respect and compassion, with kindness and a desire for understanding. Tolerantly accept each other's views and points of view, provided that they do not harm others. 

           Non-condemnation. Similar to the first value, members do not judge others based on their personalities, views, and experiences. Each member can have their own history, worldview, and vision of the truth, and this should be understood by all others..

            Privacy. No information discussed during joint activities or regarding violence committed against a particular member will be shared with others (either in person, over the phone, or on social media) without the personal consent of the member to whom the information relates. The private life of members is respected and not brought into the public domain.

            Non-discrimination. No member is discriminated against based on age, sexual orientation, language, origin and place of residence, religion, ethnicity or any other reason.

            Honesty and openness. Members adhere to universal principles of honesty and openness in relation to each other, taking into account the right to privacy. Information containing unverified and unconfirmed facts is not distributed or used in the activities of the Organization. In case of any disputes between the members, it is required that they talk about them openly and respectfully to all the members, without demeaning any of them.

            Solidarity and unity. Members cooperate, support and believe in each other, and remember that they must act in each other's interests and in the best interests of the Organization. Any incitement of enmity within the Organization and actions that could lead to discredit both the Organization itself and its individual members are not allowed under any circumstances. Members refrain from offensive communication and statements about any person in social networks, in order to prevent discrediting of the Organization due to aggressive actions of individual members.

           Patriotism. Members respect the traditions of the Ukrainian people, their language, culture and history, independence, territorial integrity, and inviolability of Ukraine. Actions to the detriment of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability, defense capability, state, economic, or informational security of Ukraine are not allowed under any circumstances