Fairs, auctions

Handcraft for charity fair.

 pictures from Mark, son of our Yuliia Dvornichenko 

There will also be pictures of Honoured Artists of Ukraine as well as works of children, veterans and volunteers who donated their art pieces for the fair. 

Handmade items 
Embroidered patriotic keychains and tablet-bags by Halyna Tyschenko 

Patriotic handmade items for the charity fair were collected by our sister, Olha Klymenko. 

These are knitted toys, amulets, earrings and bracelets made of beads as well as candles.

Cases for smartphones 

Knitted cases for mobile phones by Olena Lazareva 

The Motanka doll is the embodiment of female power, which lies in wisdom, the inner call to protect and defend the family. And no matter how mysterious it sounds, the Ukrainian doll establishes a connection between generations. It is considered a sacred symbol, passing down the line of protection from evil, health, well-being... Therefore, if you inherited a motanka, be sure that all the energies of the family now protect your home. Outwardly, the doll resembled a woman with a cross on her face. This most ancient symbol scared away evil spirits, trouble, diseases and everything bad