Ukrainian patriot freed by militants of DPR: "I was shot twice"

20 червня 2014

Ukrainian patriot freed by the militants of DPR: "I was shot twice"


     I do not guarantee that Olha will agree to tell journalists about what she experienced as a prisoner of terrorists, but you can ask her about it, Roman Omelchenko, an activist of the Chernihiv Auto-Maidan, told me. We met him and his friend Maksym Konashevich in one of the cafes in the center of Chernihiv

Olha is in the monastery, which at our request gave her temporary shelter, now we will take you there, - said Maxim. — She is from Donbas, and together with other local patriots, they organized a group that helped the Ukrainian army: they brought food, drinking water, hygiene products and much more to the soldiers. The bandits grabbed them and took them to the building of the local Security Service of Ukraine that had been captured by the terrorists. Detainees were terribly tortured. Olia is now under our care, two more are being treated for injuries in hospitals. One of the victims was admitted to a clinic in Poland.

      When we arrived at the monastery, Roman asked....