Sexual violence in the occupied territories is an element of terrorism and suppresion of resistance. How to punish perpetrators?

14 серпня 2023

Sexual violence in the occupied territories is an element of terrorism and suppression of resistance. How to punish perpetrators? 
UKRINFORM, 14.08.2023.
The victims demand punishment for Russian war criminals but they also require help and support from the society 

       The fate of Ukrainian women, men, and children who suffered sexual violence from the Russian invaders is an image of hell on earth. Every such case is a war crime that requires severe and just punishment for those who committed it. According to human rights defenders, there were thousands of similar cases during the Russian-Ukrainian war, when children, adults, women, and men suffered. But officially, according to the Office of the Prosecutor General, 225 cases of conflict-related sexual violence (SNPK) have been recorded. Among them: rape, mutilation or violence against the genitals, forced exposure, threats and attempted rape, forced to watch sexual abuse of loved ones.


225 criminal proceedings as of August 11, 2023. Is it a little or a lot? It is clear that the majority of victims prefer to remain silent about such an insult. But this is not the only reason. And what is necessary is to deal with this: sooner or later, the aggressor country and the direct perpetrators must receive a fair punishment, and the victims - support from society and compensation, "reparations" in the language of jurisprudence... 

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